Elite Crew International is World’s First and ONLY MLC 2006 Certified Yacht Crew Placement Agency

By on July 14, 2012


We just received some exciting news from Elite Crew International:


Dear Yacht Essentials,

As of July 2012 we are proud to announce that Elite Crew International is the World’s first and only Yacht Crew Placement Agency to be MLC 2006 Certified.

With Elite catering to the larger Mega Yachts & New Builds worldwide, they are now a front runner when it comes to crewing on the yachts over 500 gross tonnes as MLC 2006 goes into effect next year.


Kind regards,

Karina Roholte Befeld.

Founder & senior Crew Agent

Elite Crew International Logo




First & Only Yacht Recruitment Agency to be MLC 2006 Certified

714 SE 17th St, Ft Lauderdale, Fl 33316
P: 1-954-522-4840 | F: 1-954-522-4930


This is truly a big move

Of course, many of you may be asking “What is MLC 2006” and how does it apply to me?

MLC 2006 stands for the Maritime Labour Convention 2006.  Basically it statest that a Declaration of Maritime Labour Compliance AND Maritime Labour Certificate will be required for ALL ships Greater than 500 Ton in International Trade.

Okay…  So…  What does that mean?

If you need some night time reading in between watches at sea, feel free to download a copy from the International Labour Organization.  They have put it out in multiple languages.  Working on learning a second language?  There is nothing like reading a technical white paper in a foreign tongue.

If you are less than 500 Tons, well…  Feel free to move along.  Nothing to see here.


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