In essence, Tim MacDonald’s story has always been about fabulous food and great service, and at the 50th Antigua Charter Yacht Show he had the talent and tenacity to win the Mega Yacht Category, taking the coveted title of Concours de Chef 2012 for vessels 160 feet and over. MacDonald’s secret is persistence and drive. You’ve heard the phrase, “I’m tied to the stove” from disgruntled housewives and househusbands? Well, MacDonald, chef on board 180-foot Huntress, loves having his anchor in the galley. It allows him to concentrate and take his food to the next level. MacDonald, 43 years old, Read More...
Posted on April 9, 2012 by Jan Robinson

It amazes me how amazingly easy it is to take for granted just how amazing getting to work on yachts can be. I know that’s a whole lot of amazement for one statement, and perhaps an echo of some of my previous articles, but some recent developments in my life have floated that awareness to the surface once again. Like a chest full of treasure that falls overboard, unnoticed and forgotten, only to be discovered by a new and more thankful you following behind at a later time, the things that once amazed us about yachting often fade and lay

Posted on March 8, 2012 by Doug Mitchell
Before she decided to go into yachting, Bindy Bryce was a high school gym teacher, so she knows a little about tough crowds. She has since been a stew on land and at sea, and this 27-year-old has served her fair share of demanding guests. Bindy has been in the industry for three years, including a stint as a “stew” for a large chalet in Europe, where her duties were the same as on a yacht, and the clientele were comparable, too. If there’s one thing to know in this industry, it’s that service done well can translate to work Read More...
Posted on January 4, 2012 by Andrea Bailey
The St. Lucia Tourist Ministry of Tourism and Civil Aviation announces that all new revised policies have been approved by its government to help stimulate growth and development in St. Lucia’s yachting sector. Several proposals presented by Yachting Director Cuthbert Didier have been sanctioned and will facilitate clearing in and out of the country, as well as an ease on taxation and many other added benefits to encourage cruising in its waters. These changes will greatly improve and support yachting for private and charter yachts wishing to cruise St. Lucian waters as well as those wishing to conduct yachting business Read More...
Posted on September 28, 2011 by Sarah Bensimon

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