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Anita’s No-Nonsense Yachting Advice: Facing the Reality of Yacht Job Hunting

Dear Anita

I recently completed a lot of courses in South Africa to join the yachting industry after the career was sold to me as a great way of seeing the world and earning lots of money. Upon arriving in Antibes I was shocked to discover I was expected to walk the docks and ask people for work like some sort of beggar.  Even our house staff at home didn’t come knocking at the door! They were placed by an agency.  I have registered with at least four so why haven’t I been given a position yet? The sailing school I attended told me it’s easy to get work here. I’ve been told by some nasty boys that I’m too heavy to work on yachts which is outrageous. Can you find me a position?  I’m running out of money and will have to go home soon.

Lady Annie

Well well well Lady Annie, sadly you’re not the first person to be duped into parting with (their parents’) money by one of these training “academies” and sold a dream that doesn’t exist.  It’s a shame you didn’t do your own research. Yachting’s a glamorous industry love; these owners spend kabillions on their shiny white toys, they want people to say “oooh!” and “aaah!” as they rock up in port.  They want people to stare, slack jawed at their handsome young deck crew throwing lines and flexing their muscles. Similarly they want to be served by attractive young women. This is a high end industry and you have to be awesome to be in it.  As you don’t have much money, why not try getting off your ass and walking around to network? Or, alternatively, go home to your parents and house staff and make room for someone who actually deserves a job.  

Dear Anita

I’m a stewardess, living in Australia.  I day-worked on four different boats last season in the Caribbean but as I couldn’t find a full time job I decided to go home for Christmas. I want to secure a position from here, and I know that boats will fly people to them for interviews so this is what I want to do. I want to work on a charter boat too, and travel lots.

Sweetheart, get over yourself.

I’m afraid I don’t know of any boat that would fly you over from Australia to work as a junior stew based on the fact you’ve washed a few decks and cleaned a couple of johns. When you’re starting out in the industry you have to be where the action is. If you’re not, then the hundreds of other girls who have made the effort to save up enough bucks to get themselves over there will all get picked over you. Even the useless ones. The minute a chief stew or captain sees your current location isn’t local, it might as well say “Outer Mongolia”.  If you want a boat to fly you in for a job you have to be pretty special, and sorry hon, judging from your previous experience, you ain’t.  Keep on truckin’…



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