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YachtAid Global: Pioneering Yacht-Driven Humanitarian Efforts & Ocean Conservation

YachtAid Global (YAG) is a non-profit organization that has made a significant impact on the global humanitarian scene. Founded in 2006, YAG has become a vital link
between the yachting community and remote communities in need, providing essential aid and support in times of crisis. Over the years, this organization has built a rich
history of compassion, resilience, and dedication.

The inception of YachtAid Global can be attributed to the visionary leadership of Captain Mark Drewelow, who recognized the untapped potential of the yachting industry in
addressing global humanitarian challenges. With his deep understanding of both the yachting world and the pressing needs of remote communities, Captain Drewelow
established YAG as a platform for yachts to contribute their resources and services to those in need.

YAG’s early years were marked by its efforts to streamline humanitarian aid deliveries across remote communities. By creating a network of supporters, volunteers, and donors, YAG established itself as a reliable and efficient facilitator of aid delivery. The organization’s commitment to transparency and accountability garnered trust from both the yachting community and humanitarian organizations, paving the way for future

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In the years that followed, YachtAid Global worked tirelessly to enhance its capacity to respond to emergencies promptly. They developed strong relationships with local
authorities, NGOs, and relief agencies to ensure effective coordination and maximize the impact of their interventions. With a growing team of professionals who have
extensive expertise in both superyacht & non-profit operational service, support and
logistics, YachtAid Global quickly became well-known for their efficient and effective disaster relief efforts around the world. From building back better initiatives in continually
storm-battered countries like Vanuatu, leading the yachting community’s response in the
Bahamas in the aftermath of Hurricane Dorian to the expansive clean water access programs throughout the country of Mexico, the team at YachtAid Global continued to look for ways for the yachting community to support, engage and make a substantial positive impact in some of the world’s most vulnerable communities. 

In recent years, YachtAid Global has continued to expand its reach and impact. Their interventions have ranged from delivering medical supplies to various remote islands and Ukraine to supporting education initiatives in underserved communities like their sailing school in the Galapagos Islands. YAG’s collaborations with local partners have fostered sustainable development and empowered communities to build a better future. YachtAid Global’s commitment to sustainability and environmental stewardship has also been a key aspect of its work. Recognizing the importance of protecting the marine
environment and in support of the worldwide effort to protect 30% of our oceans by the year 2030, a goal adopted by more than 100 countries, YAG launched Operation Swimway which invests in the equipment and science of ocean conservation, while
enabling interested owners, guests, and crew to work closely with distinguished
members of the scientific community to accelerate the conservation of pelagic species and help protect our oceans.

Members of Tahiti Private Expeditions on a rigid inflatable boat, meticulously tagging a shark in clear waters, showcasing their commitment to marine conservation.
Tahiti Private Expeditions: Merging Adventure with Conservation, One Shark Tag at a Time.

Looking ahead, YachtAid Global remains committed to its mission of bridging the gap between luxury yachts and humanitarian causes. With each passing year, the
organization strives to enhance its operations, expand its partnerships, and further
empower remote communities in need. The opportunities ahead for the yachting
community to continue to make a positive impact with our oceans, endangered species, and the coastal communities that share with us their land, sea and spirit are endless. With the continued support of yacht owners, captains, crew, charter guests and marine organizations, YachtAid Global continues to push forward and is happy to shoulder the responsibility of stewarding the yachting industry’s humanitarian and conservation
efforts. YAG’s journey is a remarkable testament to the potential for positive change when global participation and local knowledge come together to create solutions for a common purpose: changing the world without changing the course.



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